GSoC 2020: OFW patch needs review

Niteesh G. S. at
Sun Jul 5 20:07:31 UTC 2020


As per the feedback from my mentor, I am posting all my patches
created so far to the mailing list. My patches are based on the new
build system so my mentor suggested posting a link to my GitHub
repo instead of posting the patches itself since they cannot be
directly applied to the master branch.

I was able to compile this patch with the new build system on my local
machine without any issues. I have also added a small test for this patch.

Below are the links to my Github repo:
OFW Patch:
Please look at the last 6 commits.

OFW Test:

The only issue I am facing with this patch and other upcoming patches is
where and how to install the headers files. I had already started a
regarding this but it had stopped a few days ago.

Since the headers are not installed, we have to use a relative include in
test suite. Otherwise, all test cases passed on my machine.

I kindly request everyone to review and post their feedbacks.

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