Beaglebone QEP driver design question

James Fitzsimons james.fitzsimons at
Tue Jul 21 09:49:41 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I have a very basic version of the QEP driver for the Beaglebone black
working now.

I will tidy up my code and submit a patch in the next few days. For first
patches that are likely to require a bit of discussion etc, is the best
idea to still submit them to this list per the normal process, or is there
an alternative approach that would be better? (The patch adds several files
and modifies several existing ones).

Secondly, I have an RTEMS style question. The driver would work best if I
had a small struct that contained a few properties about the driver
configuration. One such property is difficult to intuit from the state of
the registers and so would be better in a separate data structure. This
would mean that the code might look something like this:

typedef struct {
  BBB_PWMSS pwmss_id;
} bbb_eqep_t;

rtems_status_code beagle_qep_init(bbb_eqep_t* eqep);

int32_t beagle_qep_get_position(bbb_eqep_t* eqep);

Is that in keeping with the RTEMS approach? Looking at some of the other
BSPs I see similar approaches for other drivers that need to track state
for multiple instances of hardware.

Your advice is appreciated.

James Fitzsimons
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