Doubt regarding thread creation in RTEMS

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Jul 22 14:16:53 UTC 2020

On 22/07/2020 15:36, Richi Dubey wrote:

> Threads that get created automatically when a CPU starts have their 
> scheduler nodes with node->idle set to the thread itself, while the 
> nodes that are created due to a task being created have NULL in their 
> node->idle (If not using helper function atm).  Am I right?
> If yes, Why isn't the function _Scheduler_Set_idle_thread() called 
> by _Thread_Create_idle_for_CPU?
> Trace:
> exinit.c -> _Thread_Create_idle -> _Thread_Create_idle_for_CPU 
> -> _Scheduler_Start_idle -> _Scheduler_EDF_SMP_Start_idle 
> -> _Scheduler_SMP_Do_start_idle ->_Scheduler_SMP_Release_idle_thread .
> I am asking this since _Scheduler_Set_idle_thread() is the only 
> function that sets the node->idle value.

I think the description of this member is clear:

  * @brief Scheduler node for per-thread data.
struct Scheduler_Node {

    * @brief The idle thread claimed by this node in case the sticky 
level is
    * greater than zero and the thread is block or is scheduled on another
    * scheduler instance.
    * This is necessary to ensure the priority ceiling protocols work across
    * scheduler boundaries.

   struct _Thread_Control *idle;

As I said before, the idle threads are normal threads. The only special 
thing is that they execute no code which blocks. You really have to 
distinguish between threads and scheduler nodes.

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