Segmentation fault whie setting up translation table for small pages in ARMv7 MMU

Utkarsh Rai utkarsh.rai60 at
Sun Jul 26 12:03:46 UTC 2020

I was facing issues while changing the memory entries for a section. The
thread can be viewed here
<>. The error
is most probably due to the fact that while I change the memory entry of my
desired region it ends up changing the memory permission of the entire 1Mb
section, which causes fatal errors.
To prevent this, I decided to set up translation table entries in
small-page format. Unfortunately, during the static initialization of the
translation table, the qemu hangs up (I am using Xilinx-zynq BSP). On
stepping through the debugger I encounter a segmentation fault.
Can someone please point me in the right direction? This is the final issue
that I have to resolve before I send my patches.
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