Announce: rtems-central.git

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jul 27 06:01:39 UTC 2020


I have promoted the rtems-qual.git repo from Sebastian's personal repo area to a
top level project repo. I would like to thank Sebastian for his hard work in
making this repo happen. The repo is:

As part of the move the repo has changed name to rtems-central.git as we extend
the focus from just qualification to a generic RTEMS developer work-flow.

The repo is a developer's tool to control dependent project repos. As we move
towards a public and open RTEMS that can be used as a base for qualification we
need a more integrated approach to important information that form the core of
RTEMS and the artefacts an organisation/user would take through to qualification.

The repo lets us have a central location where files, documents, specification
tests and more can be generated and updated in the specific repos that contain
the output. This is a one way process with the generated output in a suitable
format that can be reviewed and handled by us.

I would like to extend a thank you to ESA for their on going support of this
activity. Sebastian's diligence is showing great results.


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