Translation table for small pages in ARMv7 MMU conflicting with other data regions

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Wed Jul 29 16:06:00 UTC 2020

On 29/07/2020 18:02, Utkarsh Rai wrote:

> The translation table for ARMv7 MMU starts at 0x100000 and extends up 
> to 0x104000 for section-based pages. Although for small pages it 
> extends up to 0x504000 this possibly conflicts with other data regions 
> and setting up of translation table for smaller pages fails.
> I realize that various data regions are placed at specified addresses 
> by linker scripts statically. One possible solution can be to replace the
> 'pt = &ttb[ARM_MMU_TRANSLATION_TABLE_ENTRY_COUNT]', where pt is the 
> second-level page table base-address, with another address region,  
> although I am not sure which. Can you please point the right way to 
> proceed?
For an example please have a look at the realview_pbx_a9_qemu BSP. It 
uses 4KiB pages. With the new build system it would be easier to set up.

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