Status of RTEMS API Specification

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Thu Nov 12 08:35:39 UTC 2020


I checked in the first round of the generated RTEMS API headers and the 
corresponding documentation. This includes the Event Manager, IO 
Manager, and the Partition Manager:

I will work next on the remaining header files and manager directive 

* <rtems/extension.h>
* <rtems/fatal.h>
* <rtems/init.h>
* <rtems/rtems/barrier.h>
* <rtems/rtems/cache.h>
* <rtems/rtems/clock.h>
* <rtems/rtems/dpmem.h>
* <rtems/rtems/intr.h>
* <rtems/rtems/message.h>
* <rtems/rtems/mp.h>
* <rtems/rtems/object.h>
* <rtems/rtems/ratemon.h>
* <rtems/rtems/region.h>
* <rtems/rtems/sem.h>
* <rtems/rtems/signal.h>
* <rtems/rtems/support.h>
* <rtems/rtems/tasks.h>
* <rtems/rtems/timer.h>

Please have a look at the proposal to update of the Doxygen guidelines:

I will also work on a specification of the IRQ Extensions API:

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