Proposal: Add BSP documentation to BSP build specification

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Nov 12 21:40:31 UTC 2020

On 12/11/20 6:50 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 12/11/2020 08:30, Chris Johns wrote:
>> I am not sure. For example ...
>> ... has a picture of the wire links needed to enable debugging. We need to be
>> able to quickly and easily produce this sort of documentation.
>> We need the more formal part for the options etc and we need this flexibility
>> including images and more. I am concerned not providing something will result in
>> the Wiki being used with the issues that brings.
> You just have to add the image to the documentation repository to use it. This
> separates the pieces a bit, but we always have to make some trade-offs. We could
> also add a specification item for images, but I think this is a bit too much for
> now.

The key point is not needing to touch rtems-central for more general
information. IMO doing so moves the balance a bit too far. This may change and
evolve over time which I am happy to see but I think we need a separation at
this early stage.


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