Proposal for hardware configuration dependent performance limits

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Thu Nov 26 08:04:33 UTC 2020

On 25/11/2020 21:37, Chris Johns wrote:

>> Maybe a configuration option for the RTEMS Tester should be added which allows
>> you to set the performance hash and ignore the hash provided by the test output.
>> This could be used to compare a custom board with values obtain from an
>> evaluation board.
> Why not let the tester take an alternative set of values for the same hash to
> override the "standard" set?

Do you mean that the performance limits should be specified with a 
particular hash like this:

         max-upper-bound: 0.000005
         mean-upper-bound: 0.000005

In another item (for example the BSP build item) we could add a mapping from this hash value to a list of other hash values. For example:

   - abc
   - def
   - ghi

We probably need also description:

   XrY7u+Ae7tCTyyK7j1rNww==: |

Taking performance limits into account for test runs requires a bit of maintenance. The first step is being able to do it. The next step is to discuss if and how this could be done in the scope of the RTEMS Project.

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