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Joel Sherrill joel at
Fri Oct 2 20:02:14 UTC 2020


In the past, we have internally discussed an RTEMS Workshop but always got
hung up on the basic logistics. There had to be a host site which usually
means cost. Although OAR now has access to a facility that could host about
40-50. Travel required to all be in a central location would be burdensome
based on time and cost. Remember the core developers are spread across
three continents.

The pandemic has made it clear that virtual meetings, conferences, birthday
parties, etc. are possible. Based on ideas from other open source projects,
I am curious if there would be interest in having a virtual workshop.

One thought is that given the time zones, it might be nice to do it as a
TBD number of 2-3 hour sessions which vary in time across 2-3 days. That
should let different people participate. One open source project did a 24
hour event which spanned the world. I do not want to do that. :)

I think recording the presentations beforehand and making them available
afterwards would be ideal. I have seen formal setups where questions are
restricted to the end of the presentation but like the idea of the
presenter able to chat while their presentation is going.

In my perfect world, most presentations would be from people using RTEMS,
although I expect core developer presentations would add depth to what they
are working on and the goals.

Is there interest? Would you be willing to present? participate? Advice?


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