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Sun Oct 4 17:49:28 UTC 2020

Hello, Joel,
I am currently organizing a virtual meeting for the EPICS community:

This takes place in 2 weeks. If this works well, I would be happy to offer our platform (and our experience) for an RTEMS workshop.
But the contributions would have to come from the RTEMS community ;-)
Viele Grüße

> On 2. Oct 2020, at 22:02, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
> Hi
> In the past, we have internally discussed an RTEMS Workshop but always got hung up on the basic logistics. There had to be a host site which usually means cost. Although OAR now has access to a facility that could host about 40-50. Travel required to all be in a central location would be burdensome based on time and cost. Remember the core developers are spread across three continents. 
> The pandemic has made it clear that virtual meetings, conferences, birthday parties, etc. are possible. Based on ideas from other open source projects, I am curious if there would be interest in having a virtual workshop.
> One thought is that given the time zones, it might be nice to do it as a TBD number of 2-3 hour sessions which vary in time across 2-3 days. That should let different people participate. One open source project did a 24 hour event which spanned the world. I do not want to do that. :)
> I think recording the presentations beforehand and making them available afterwards would be ideal. I have seen formal setups where questions are restricted to the end of the presentation but like the idea of the presenter able to chat while their presentation is going. 
> In my perfect world, most presentations would be from people using RTEMS, although I expect core developer presentations would add depth to what they are working on and the goals. 
> Is there interest? Would you be willing to present? participate? Advice?
> Thanks.
> --joel
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