[PATCH v2] rtems: Generate <rtems/io.h>

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Thu Oct 8 16:17:48 UTC 2020

On 08/10/2020 18:12, Gedare Bloom wrote:

>> https://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/people/sebh/doc/html/group__RTEMSAPIClassicEvent.html
> However, I was reviewing the doxygen output of event.h and see that it
> generates the bitmask macros in a strange order. I think these need to
> be fixed to keep them grouped and order them with respect to each
> other in ascending/descending order. I guess this can be complex, but
> it is needed for human readability in this case.
In the topological sorting items with more references are placed before 
items with fewer references. This explains the ordering in the header 
file. I have currently no idea how this can be changed.

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