waf for RTEMS Applications

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Oct 11 22:50:16 UTC 2020

On 10/10/20 9:26 am, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I decided to try this out today. The users manual is pretty good but has some
> spots which lean to 5 and haven't been updated. 


> Also mentions updating your PATH
> early and isn't really needed until rtems-run can't find qemu. :)

I have treated qemu like any other command I have on my host, there needs to be
a valid $PATH. I never install qemu into an RTEMS prefix so a wipe and rebuild
does not require a qemu rebuild.

I wonder if having a $PATH set to the RTEMS Tools prefix plus having qemu
installed there is just a specific case happened to work so you assumed this was
planed or expected?

There no specific support in the ecosystem to treat qemu as an office RTEMS
tool. I am not sure how you would handle this.

> My big questions are from this exercise are:
> + How would one use this without using git

Who does not use git? ;) :)

Copy? I checked 5.1 and there no tarball in the release and I think there should be.
> + Without using git submodules?

Manually but you would need to track the repo. You would need to treat it the
same as any other piece of source in a git repo you wanted to include in an

> + What if I didn't want any external network references? I don't see waf or
> rtems_waf in the release image.

That would be a bug in the release script. The release script handles
rtems-libbsd now. Creating a tarball from git with submodules has a few steps.
> + rtems-run's output seemed cryptic when it couldn't find the simulator to run.

Please raise a ticket on rtems-run (rtems-test will be included) if you think we
could do better.

> It was easy enough after accounting for odd 5/6 items, misc issues that are OK
> for me to encounter but not a starting user, and the example worked. I am just
> putting on my user hat as best I can to comment on the process.

This is really great feedback. I do not think anything here is major, just a
bunch of small bits that need to work together.


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