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On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 12:11 PM Sebastian Huber <
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> Hello,
> I tried to write a configuration file for Uncrustify which is close to
> the RTEMS coding style. This tool has really a lot of options. The
> configuration file has more than 3000 lines. Apparently this is not
> enough. I was not able to get function parameters properly aligned. For
> example:
> -  Thread_queue_Context  queue_context;
> -  Thread_Control       *the_thread;
> +  Thread_queue_Context queue_context;
> +  Thread_Control      *the_thread;
> It seems Uncrustify interprets the '*' as some sort of white space.
> Attached is my current configuration file. You can test it for example
> with cpukit/score/src/threadqenqueue.c.
I'm not a huge fan of moving the * to after the type rather than against
the name but if we accepted that change to the style, would the parameter
names line up?

Just curious. This is an area where giving on one point may make things

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