rtems-5.1 source code test coverage failed

smallphd at aliyun.com smallphd at aliyun.com
Thu Oct 22 09:02:52 UTC 2020

hi, all
I want test source code coverage in qemu. There are some questions I met.
1. If compiling without -ftest-coverage, the test only produce a percent coverage, no *.gcov file which is important to recognize which lines not execute.
2. If compiling with -ftest-coverage, *.gcno are created in the same directory with *.o and these *.gcno file are included in xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu-symbols.ini. However this ini file could only include *.o. So the execution will raise error ----- File format not ELF or archive. 

Is there a tutorial introducing how to get rtems-5.1 source code test coverage?
Thank you very much!

smallphd at aliyun.com
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