LibBSD PowerPC motorola_shared BSP PCI Support

Heinz Junkes junkes at
Tue Oct 27 14:23:17 UTC 2020

I am currently trying git rtems6.

../source-builder/sb-set-builder --prefix=$HOME/.rtems --log powerpc_beatnik.log --no-clean --target=powerpc-rtems6  --with-rtems-bsp=beatnik 6/rtems-powerpc 6/rtems-kernel

works …

Unfortunately It fails here:

../source-builder/sb-set-builder --prefix=$HOME/.rtems --log libbsd.log --no-clean --target=powerpc-rtems6 --with-rtems-bsp=beatnik --host=powerpc-rtems6 6/rtems-libbsd

[1562/1948] Compiling freebsd/sbin/nvmecontrol/ns.c
In file included from /home/ad/.rtems/lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems6/10.2.1/include/c++/cstdlib:75,
                 from /home/ad/.rtems/lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems6/10.2.1/include/c++/stdlib.h:36,
                 from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/libkern.h:216,
                 from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/systm.h:543,
                 from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/mbuf.h:42,
                 from ../../rtemsbsd/rtems/
/home/ad/.rtems/powerpc-rtems6/include/stdlib.h:309:6: error: conflicting declaration of C function 'void qsort_r(void*, size_t, size_t, int (*)(const void*, const void*, void*
), void*)'
  309 | void qsort_r (void *__base, size_t __nmemb, size_t __size, int (*_compar)(const void *, const void *, void *), void *__thunk);
      |      ^~~~~~~
In file included from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/systm.h:543,
                 from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/mbuf.h:42,
                 from ../../rtemsbsd/rtems/
../../freebsd/sys/sys/libkern.h:211:7: note: previous declaration 'void qsort_r(void*, size_t, size_t, void*, int (*)(void*, const void*, const void*))'
  211 | void  qsort_r(void *base, size_t nmemb, size_t size, void *thunk,
      |       ^~~~~~~

Waf: Leaving directory `/home/ad/RTEMS_DEV/rtems-source-builder/rtems/build/rtems-libbsd-d964a6703c705cc92fd053bcefc08bb3b6baa0e2-powerpc-rtems6-1/rtems-libbsd-d964a6703c705cc9
Build failed
 -> task in 'bsd' failed with exit status 1 (run with -v to display more information)
shell cmd failed: /bin/sh -ex  /home/ad/RTEMS_DEV/rtems-source-builder/rtems/build/rtems-libbsd-d964a6703c705cc92fd053bcefc08bb3b6baa0e2-powerpc-rtems6-1/do-build
error: building rtems-libbsd-d964a6703c705cc92fd053bcefc08bb3b6baa0e2-powerpc-rtems6-1

Viele Grüße
Heinz Junkes
Experience directly varies with equipment ruined.

> On 27. Oct 2020, at 05:06, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> On 26/10/20 7:32 pm, Heinz Junkes wrote:
>> Good morning Chris,
>> i will now try out libbsd on a MVME6100 (beatnik).
>> Is the mentioned patch in git? 
> The PCI patch is in rtems-libbsd.git on the master and 6-freebsd-12 branches.
>> Or do I have to prepare something special?
> Yes I think you may need to patch libbsd for the beatnik bvoard. I have not
> looked at that board and the net drivers it needs. The current list is we have
> in libbsd is:
> The BSP support is handled here:
> The define is based on the header guard for the BSP:
> I hope this helps.
> Chris

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