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Joel Sherrill joel at
Fri Oct 30 17:06:52 UTC 2020


I have run Coverity Scan against the master using GCC 9. I am including a
list of the number of issues reported by file.  First let me be clear that
there is only one issue reported for the "core" of RTEMS (e.g. score,
rtems, posix, sapi, libcsupport). These have not been extensively analysed
but my impression is that most of the outstanding 125 issues are minor or
in non-critical third-party code but fixing or deciding not to analyse them
is a team decision.

I know the nature of Coverity Scan's web interface makes it painful to
create tickets from. But I would like to somehow get the number of issues

There are about 20 issues on third-party code in cpukit. I have mentioned
not running the analysis on all files from third-parties since we likely do
not want to touch them. This decision alone would likely eliminate many of
the issues. This is things like fdt, sha, and some shell code.

Fixing printf specifier issues flagged would eliminate about 25 issues.
These need to be fixed.

grlib has 25-30 issues flagged. Do we include it in the analysis?

Some issues are in other SPARC/Leon3 BSP specific code. Do we analyse any
BSP code? I can see saying the RTEMS Project analysis focuses on cpukit/
source that originated inside the project. But we have to make
that decision as a team.

We would need to write up something to describe our decision making process
on whatever we decide.

Our issue count is higher than I would like and many of these have lingered
for a long time because no one is focusing on any issue outside the core
critical code. Making a few decisions here could help.

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     24 cpukit/libblock/src/flashdisk.c
      5 bsps/shared/grlib/tmtc/grtc.c
      4 cpukit/libmisc/rtems-fdt/rtems-fdt.c
      4 cpukit/libdebugger/rtems-debugger-threads.c
      4 cpukit/dtc/libfdt/fdt_rw.c
      4 bsps/shared/grlib/1553/b1553brm.c
      3 cpukit/libmisc/cpuuse/cpuusagetop.c
      3 cpukit/libmisc/capture/capture-cli.c
      3 cpukit/libdl/rtl-archive.c
      3 cpukit/libcrypt/crypt-sha512.c
      3 cpukit/libcrypt/crypt-sha256.c
      3 bsps/shared/dev/i2c/spi-sd-card.c
      2 cpukit/libmisc/monitor/mon-editor.c
      2 cpukit/libfs/src/rfs/rtems-rfs-file-system.c
      2 cpukit/libdl/rtl-shell.c
      2 cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c
      2 cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c
      2 cpukit/libcsupport/src/pwdgrp.c
      2 cpukit/libblock/src/bdpart-register.c
      2 cpukit/dtc/libfdt/fdt_sw.c
      2 bsps/shared/grlib/ascs/grascs.c
      2 bsps/shared/grlib/1553/b1553rt.c
      2 bsps/shared/dev/display/disp_hcms29xx.c
      1 cpukit/libmisc/rtems-fdt/rtems-fdt-shell.c
      1 cpukit/libmisc/capture/capture_support.c
      1 cpukit/libmd/sha512c.c
      1 cpukit/libfs/src/rfs/rtems-rfs-format.c
      1 cpukit/libfs/src/rfs/rtems-rfs-bitmaps.c
      1 cpukit/libfs/src/jffs2/src/fs-rtems.c
      1 cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj-comp.c
      1 cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c
      1 cpukit/libdl/rtl-allocator.c
      1 cpukit/libdl/fastlz.c
      1 cpukit/libdebugger/rtems-debugger-target.c
      1 cpukit/libdebugger/rtems-debugger-server.c
      1 cpukit/libdebugger/rtems-debugger-remote-tcp.c
      1 cpukit/libcsupport/src/resource_snapshot.c
      1 cpukit/libcsupport/src/printertask.c
      1 cpukit/libcsupport/src/getgrent.c
      1 cpukit/libcsupport/src/consolesimpletask.c
      1 cpukit/libblock/src/nvdisk.c
      1 cpukit/dtc/libfdt/fdt_ro.c
      1 cpukit/dtc/libfdt/fdt_empty_tree.c
      1 cpukit/dtc/libfdt/fdt.c
      1 bsps/sparc/shared/pci/gr_leon4_n2x.c
      1 bsps/sparc/shared/pci/gr_cpci_gr740.c
      1 bsps/sparc/leon3/include/bsp/irq.h
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/tmtc/grtm.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/spw/grspw_pkt.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/spw/grspw.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/slink/grslink.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pwm/grpwm.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_tmtc_1553.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_rasta_tmtc.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_rasta_spw_router.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_rasta_io.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_rasta_adcdac.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/pci/gr_701.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/can/satcan.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/can/grcan.c
      1 bsps/shared/grlib/1553/gr1553bm.c
      1 bsps/shared/cache/cacheimpl.h

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