New build system ready for testing

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This is great news as the AArch64 work I've been doing was built on your waf branch and now I can rebase on to mainline code. I had assumed that the old build system would be removed when the new build system got added, but that obviously didn't happen. Will it eventually be removed after a transition period is over or will they both exist and be maintained going forward?


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I checked in the new build system today. Now is a good time to test your favourite BSP if it still works. You find the user oriented documentation of build system here:

The documentation for RTEMS maintainers is here:

How to check the new build system for a particular BSP?

1. Build the BSP with all tests enabled.

2. Run the tests and compare the results with the old build system. 
Ideally use the RTEMS Tester to run the tests and report them to the RTEMS Project.

3. Check if all BSP options are available (./waf bsp_defaults). Check the type and values of the BSP options.

4. Check the linker command file.

5. Check the compiler machine flags.

6. Install the BSP and build your third-party libraries and applications with it.

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