does rtems 5.1 support create a core dump file when accessing a invalid address or other fatal errors?

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Tue Sep 15 16:03:12 UTC 2020

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 10:26 AM Gedare Bloom <gedare at> wrote:

> No, there is no facility to generate a core dump. Due to shared
> address space, once there is a fatal error you can't really trust
> anything running in the target. You wouldn't necessarily want to try
> writing to a mounted filesystem.
> You could probably set up a debugger to do something like this by
> triggering it in the fatal exception handler. You'd need to make use
> of whatever the debugger can do already though. You really can't rely
> on the executing target.

On the more popular architectures, if you get an exception, the BSP
will print out a lot of information. Included in that is usually the address
of the fault and register set. You can use the symbol table (from nm)
or addr2line to map that back to source code. Look at the generated
assembly and you can often tell what went wrong.

Better is to attach a debugger and set a breakpoint on the exception
handler address and then poke around to see more details.


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> > I am developing applications in rtems 5.1. As we know, my application
> and rtems kernel are both in the same address space.
> > So if my application access an invalid address or encounter other fatal
> errors, I want the kernel not just being hunging, but create a core dump
> file.
> > This file contains the whole contents of memory and I could use a
> debuger to analyse the file to handle the bug.
> > The question arise because I do not want always debug rtems in the bsp.
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