[PATCH rtems-libbsd 1/3] Add helper script to find licenses.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu Sep 17 21:35:49 UTC 2020

On 17/9/20 10:51 pm, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I think I'm ok on all three of these patches but some 
> comments on the shell script. I can see where this is a
> tedious but important check. And it can be improved easily.
> Since this smells like something Chris would poke me f
> or and call a "Joel script" :)

Haha ...

This patch is only for the 5-freesd-12 branch and a script is fine. The script
has made think for the master and 6-freebsd-12 branches libbsd.py should be
taught to handle licenses so these are copied across as part of the import.


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