Build Sweeps Before Full Switch To Waf

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Sep 30 00:22:05 UTC 2020


Over the weekend, I think the modifications to my existing build sweeper
reached the point where test results for BSPs on simulators were reported
got an autoconf build followed by a waf build of the same configuration.
The results should be the same.

I have made some headway on a special build sweep for the autoconf to waf
switch. I am currently building every BSP tests on and with debug on/off
and SMP on/off using both autoconf and waf. I have reported some failures
on ARM.  My intention is to see a sweep with these four being toggled,
report problems, and then augment the script to toggle every configure

I updated to
include this.

I expect this will result in some discussions and the lengthy build sweeps
could easily push us past the goal of early November. We need to see the
issues resolved and both build systems have equivalent results.

I have not figured out how to include the legacy stack in this. It may
simply be a special pass focused on a single BSP per architecture or the
BSPs which it should work with.

Anyway, I plan to be building a lot and reporting a lot. Unless issues are
addressed and the results match, I am going to be against a switch over.

I am not opposed to the switch over. I just want to ensure it is tested as
best we can and build time is cheap except for the time part. :)

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