GSoC 2021 - Raspberry Pi projects

Pranav Dangi dangipranav at
Fri Apr 2 09:05:24 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,
I am keen on working on the Raspberry Pi project #2899
<>. However, the ticket and also the
TODOs in the github README
<> for the
same haven't been updated since 4 years, so I am not sure what work needs
to be done specifically. For example, the README lists support for SPI and
GPIO in TODO but apparently support for them has already been added.
Moreover given the smaller GSoC, I'd like a mentor to elaborate on the
potential scope of the project.
>From what I could understand so far, I think I can continue/complete the
previous GSoC projects(the situation seems fine on drivers for the initial
Pis), or work on the support for Pi 3 or 4.
PS: I only have spare Pi Zeroes at home, so I'll be getting the hardware
for the specific project this week depending on what aspect I have to work
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