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Pranav Dangi dangipranav at
Sun Apr 4 19:21:19 UTC 2021

In addition to the previous mail, i've completed the basic Hello task. If a
mentor who has previously worked on the raspberry pi bsp could let me know
if the ticket is obsolete or not, I can immediately get started with the
required work on it.

On Fri, 2 Apr 2021, 14:35 Pranav Dangi, <dangipranav at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am keen on working on the Raspberry Pi project #2899
> <>. However, the ticket and also the
> TODOs in the github README
> <> for the
> same haven't been updated since 4 years, so I am not sure what work needs
> to be done specifically. For example, the README lists support for SPI and
> GPIO in TODO but apparently support for them has already been added.
> Moreover given the smaller GSoC, I'd like a mentor to elaborate on the
> potential scope of the project.
> From what I could understand so far, I think I can continue/complete the
> previous GSoC projects(the situation seems fine on drivers for the initial
> Pis), or work on the support for Pi 3 or 4.
> PS: I only have spare Pi Zeroes at home, so I'll be getting the hardware
> for the specific project this week depending on what aspect I have to work
> on.
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