GSoC 2021 Student Applications Open and Deadline

Joel Sherrill joel at
Mon Apr 5 13:18:34 UTC 2021


I wanted to make sure all the students interested in GSoC 2021 with RTEMS
were aware that the application period is open and that the deadline for
applications is April 13 18:00 UTC.

This means you really need to get your proposal together soon to allow
potential mentors to review it and provide guidance.

I have made suggestions to multiple students that it is important to do
what you can to de-risk your project. For example, if you are porting
software to RTEMS, make sure it works and you know how to use it before
starting the port. It will make your life easier. This is really good
advice but at this point you need to work on  your proposals.

Please do drafts in Google Docs and let mentors have access by name to at
least comment.

Also do NOT want until the last minute to submit to Google. There are no
deadlines and the site can get overloaded. You should be able to update
your proposal on their site until the application period closes.

Thanks and good luck.

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