GSoC'21 Raspberry Pi BSP project

Pranav Dangi dangipranav at
Mon Apr 5 19:59:55 UTC 2021

I've been going through the RTEMS raspberry pi repository, And i'm having
trouble understanding a couple of things there. the Pi1 (and Pi Zero) had
the BCM2835 SoC while the pi2 had the BCM2836 SoC, now, in the bsp
directory where the raspberry pi header is defined, the header file has
register definitions for both BCM2835 (for GPIO, I2C, etc.) and BCM2836
(for the 4 cores).
However, the corresponding i2c.c or gpio.c files for the bsp only have code
for the BCM2835_REG registers and not their BCM2836 i.e. the raspberry pi2
So, is the support for pi2 same as that of pi1 (selecting the particular
bsp doesn't make sense then) or am I missing something?
Since the Pi3 has the BCM2837 (the architecture of which is identical to
BC2836 since both are based on the BCM2709), any information about the
above would be helpful for me if I'm adding support for the Pi3 or 4 as my
GSoC project.
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