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On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 1:28 PM Ayushman Mishra <ayushvidushi01 at>

> Ayusman Mishra
> 1. I was going through ticket #4145
> ( and tried building bsp on rtems6
> and rtems5 both using rsb
> (
> )
> but got Build FAILED (it says pax is missing (configure: error: pax is
> missing.), I have attached full error report txt file). However I did
> build bsp erc32 and pc386 using rsb on rtems5 (first .bootstrap -c
> sb-bootstrap then used configure file
> ($HOME/development/rtems/rtems-5/configure --target=i386-rtems5
> --enable-rtemsbsp=pc386 )) on rtems6 there is no sb-bootstrap file or
> configure file present/made.
> I wanted to know is there anyway of using RSB on rtems6.
> Also while building different bsp toolsets for rtems (erc32/pc386) I
> used rtems on 2 different directories , Is there any way of building
> different BSPs on same rtems?
> 2. I went through list of open projects and found projects related to
> testing and development of ecosystem quite interesting,
> #3710

I recently added Automated Coverity runs. We haven't figured out how to
scrape the coverity website and turn it into open information. I have
the data they have but it isn't enough to be actionable. If you have some
creative ideas here, it would be great.

Coverity is being run once a day if needed so that side of automating is

> #3860

You should ask about Code Style Checking in thread by itself. Sebastian
has made progress with one formatter and there needs to be an evaluation
of how much source code can be run through that reformatter unchanged.
If it changes anything, is this an adjustment to match our style or
we want to accept as a necessary evil of using the formatter.

When we have a combination or either accepting their format changes and
ideal configuration settings, carefully working through the source owned
by the RTEMS Project is the next step.

And then figuring out how to make it a part of the development process
and patch review.

This should have a lot of work and have a good impact on the project.

> #3892

I am not the Python expert to comment on this. I think there has been
acceptance that some code needs to be Python2 and some can be
Python3. I think we may have agreed on Python style (to some extent)
so the previous style project has similar work here.

But pytest support is an unknown to me.

This would be good one to start a new thread with so the Python
experts from RTEMS speak up.

> I would be very grateful to know if any of the above projects is open
> for participation and if yes then work done/needed to be done in it.

There is probably more work in the latter two.

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