[PATCH 0/8] Generate documentation for managers

Frank Kühndel frank.kuehndel at embedded-brains.de
Wed Feb 10 10:35:46 UTC 2021

Hello Sebastian,

this actually really improves the documentation. The new constraints
sections makes it clearer when a function can be used. Moreover, there
are new descriptions of all parameters. I guess you must have looked in
the source code, to figure out the correct set of errors each directive
may return. I also did see that there are new code examples. Like it!

I only fond these minor issues:

1) In section "SEMAPHORE_CREATE - Create a semaphore" it looks like the
following passage for the original text has not found its way into the
new description:

-    It is not allowed to create an initially locked MrsP semaphore and the
-    ``RTEMS_INVALID_NUMBER`` status code will be returned in SMP
-    in this case.  This prevents lock order reversal problems with the
-    allocator mutex.

2) In section "rtems_extension_create()": The parameter
"extension_table" is not described in the parameter list. It also does
not get clear to me from the description what is the use of the whole
thing/what happens here with the "extension_table". The original text
had at least this sentence: "The extension set specified by
:c:data:`table` is copied to the ESCB." -- what ever that means.


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