[PATCH v3 0/1] Resubmission of patch previously submitted Sept 2020

Christian Mauderer oss at c-mauderer.de
Mon Feb 22 19:00:59 UTC 2021

Hello James,

thanks for the patch and sorry that it get lost on the first submission.

The patch compiles fine and it doesn't seem to change interfaces a lot. 
So I would say it is OK. I'll give it two or three more days of review 
before pushing it.

Please remind me again in a week in case I forget to push it.

Best regards


On 21/02/2021 10:29, James Fitzsimons wrote:
> This patch adds driver support for the eQEP (enhanced Quadrature Encoder Pulse)
> module within each of the PWMSS units in the AM335x. The eQEP module is used for
> hardware decoding of rotrary encoders, motor encoders etc.
> Because the PWMSS module includes several components some of the existing code in
> the pwm driver could be reused. To make this common I have added a pwmss.h header
> and moved some of the pwmss specific defines and enum to this file. The pwmss.c
> file contains a refactored (simplified) version of the clock configuration
> method that was previously in the pwm.c file. The pwmss_module_clk_config will
> now be shared by both the pwm and eqep drivers (and eventually the ecap driver if
> that is ever added).
> The approach taken with the qep.h header was to move some of the qep specific
> defines from the am335x.h header to this file. They are specific to the qep
> function and would likely never be referenced by anything other than this driver.
> Doing this keeps these definitions with the driver code and reduces clutter in
> am335x.h header.
> The driver supports two primary modes of operation. A polled mode (which is the
> default mode), and an interrupt event driven mode.
> This patch includes the following revisions after feedback from Chris Johns:
>   - improved documentation
>   - addition of void* user argument to interrupt callback
>   - addition of position value arg to interrupt callback
> James Fitzsimons (1):
>    Adding QEP driver support to BeagleBoneBlack BSP
>   bsps/arm/beagle/headers.am              |   2 +
>   bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp/bbb-pwm.h   |  11 -
>   bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp/pwmss.h     |  54 +++
>   bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp/qep.h       | 382 ++++++++++++++++++++
>   bsps/arm/beagle/pwm/pwm.c               |  60 +---
>   bsps/arm/beagle/pwmss/pwmss.c           |  64 ++++
>   bsps/arm/beagle/qep/qep.c               | 445 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
>   c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/beagle/Makefile.am |   6 +
>   spec/build/bsps/arm/beagle/obj.yml      |   5 +-
>   9 files changed, 959 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)
>   create mode 100644 bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp/pwmss.h
>   create mode 100644 bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp/qep.h
>   create mode 100644 bsps/arm/beagle/pwmss/pwmss.c
>   create mode 100644 bsps/arm/beagle/qep/qep.c

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