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Sun Jan 10 15:32:24 UTC 2021

Hi Mr.Gedare,

Thanks for your email. I completely agree with you about blogs, as packages get depreciated over time (as happened with python 2). 

For now, I'm having a look at the docs and surfing through the projects. I'll ask for help if I get stuck :D 
I'll use simple fonts next time.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. 


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Hello Prateek,

Welcome. Although blogs are nice for guidance and to get the sense of someone's experience, they can often become dated quite quickly. We try to keep our documentation up-to-date and nicely polished, and encourage you to try to follow along through that [1].

If you get stuck on a step or  something is not clear, we also would like to know here so we can try to help you and work together to fix the documentation.

The best way to get started is to just get started :) And look for some project or area that interests you. Our Open Projects page has some ideas, but you definitely should inquire here about what might be relevant or if there are any other small ideas available. Developers often have small maintenance tasks that they might be willing to help you to accomplish.

A  note on style, I would recommend not using the italicized font/html of your email program. We prefer not to have html email in general on this list, and also the italics makes it harder to read your email quickly. 


On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 11:56 PM Prateek Pardeshi <mailto:prateekp99 at> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am Prateek Pardeshi, a Junior(3rd yr) B.Tech Computer Science Student from SRM IST, Chennai,India.

I’m very interested in Embedded Systems. During my Freshman year at college, I made a project using Microcontroller(Arduino) and Won 1st prize in the Techknow Competition at my college. 

I joined this mailing list in the month of October 2020, and lately I was occupied by my End Semester Exams and Practicals.

Since that time, I have been reading mails from the mailing list and saw many active contributors and developers here.

For RTEMS development env setup, I approached to Mritunjay Sharma and his blog helped me a lot, I am still facing small issues while setting it up and I’ll try to rectify it soon.

I have been contributing to Open Source Organisations over an year now.
My Prev Open Source Experience:
1. Completed GirlScript Summer of Code 2020.
2. Mentor at StudentCodein 2020 (3-month open source program)
3. Mentor at Hackincodes 2020

My Github:

I am looking forward to contributing and becoming a long-term contributor
to this Organisation.

Prateek Pardeshi

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