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In case anyone in the RTEMS Community is interested.in reviewing the
proposals or participating.

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Subject: DWARF Committee resumes meetings
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The DWARF Debugging Standard Committee (http://dwarfstd.org) is planning
to resume meetings starting in February.  The DWARF debugging file
format, as you likely know, is widely used by compilers and debuggers to
support source level debugging.  The Committee released Version 5 of the
DWARF Standard in 2017 and will start work on Version 6.

The committee consists of more than 20 committee members from a broad
cross-section of the compiler and debugger development community,
representing a dozen companies and including a number of independent
developers, working on both proprietary and open source products.

A list of the current proposals or issues can be found on the Open
Issues web page:  http://dwarfstd.org/Issues.php.  If you would like to
submit a comment, proposal, or issue, go to the Public Comment page:

If you are interested in participating on the DWARF Committee please
contact me privately.

Michael Eager, DWARF Committee Chair
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