[PATCH] score: Use defines for Thread_Life_state

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Fri Jan 29 18:28:19 UTC 2021

On 29/01/2021 18:33, Peter Dufault wrote:

>>> Do not use an enum as a bit field.  Document the state flags.
>>> Is this a new style rule that needs to be documented?
>> Into which category would you put this? Language and Compiler?
>> https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/eng/coding-conventions.html
>> Yes.
> I use enums as bit fields a lot. I use them in conjunction with objects that are the same enum.
> I avoid using #define.  In most situations you can't print them in a debugger and they imply restricted usage.
> Is this an appropriate warning?  Does it always mean that the enum should be replaced with a #define?
> If it doesn't always apply then the style should make it clear when it should apply.

We don't have to agree with Coverity. This is why I asked before the change:


 From my point of view enums are useful for bit fields and I don't think 
this point of view is too exotic since debuggers such as GDB and 
Lauterbach support it. For example:

enum a {

enum a f(enum a x, enum a y)
     return x | y;

enum a v;

int main()
     v = f(B, C);
     return 0;

Breakpoint 1, main () at test.c:16
16              v = f(B, C);
(gdb) n
17              return 0;
(gdb) p v
$1 = (B | C)

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