Announcement: Legacy libnetworking will be removed from RTEMS and will be placed in a separate repository

Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijay at
Mon Mar 1 21:48:49 UTC 2021

Hello all,

In RTEMS 6, there will be no cpukit/libnetworking in the RTEMS repository
and it will be moved to its own separate repository. There are ongoing
efforts in this direction and it is very close to completion. What's
remaining, is to collect feedback from the users of the libnetworking stack.

I request you to test the new standalone legacy networking repository with
your regular targets and let me know if I have broken something in RTEMS or
in the new repository. The legacy repo, in its current state, has been
tested with pc-qemu and it can successfully run the legacy networking tests.

The following are the links to the repositories with the latest version of
Legacy Network:

The following BSP family in RTEMS has been used with the old legacy
networking stack:
Zynq, PC, Motorola Shared, Beatnik, mvme3100, mvme5500, gen68360, uc5282,
mvme 162/167

If anyone is maintaining/working with one (or more) of these BSPs, please
let me know if you're able to test the separate legacy-net repository and
if you have any feedback. If you're planning to test it, please add your
comments here so that we know someone is going to do it and wait for your
feedback. The changes will not be pushed right away and we'll wait for some

What's next?

The legacy networking repository will stay at for any
projects that are still using it. It is recommended that the new projects
use the libbsd networking stack which is more full-featured.

Thank you for your patient reading. Any suggestion is welcome and I'm more
than happy to work with you to get it more thoroughly tested before getting
it merged.

Best regards,
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