Question regarding an open project and documentation enhancement

Ayushman Mishra ayushvidushi01 at
Tue Mar 2 15:08:20 UTC 2021

1. Hello everyone, I went through open ticket "Code Formatting and
Style Check for RTEMS score"  ( as
a possible GSOC project and discussion thread on it, .
But most of the threads on this project are almost a year old , I
wanted to know has there been any recent development on this project
and is there any specific tool developed/under-development for it. I
would be grateful to connect with mentor of this project in-order to
know more about the complexity involved and resources available for

2. Also I checked the issue #3958
, fixed some of the broken links of FAQ page but few of the answers I
got were from sites other than user guide. I would like to create a
separate FAQ page in user-guide having some of answers available there
only and some available as links.


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