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Tue Mar 2 16:57:51 UTC 2021

On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 9:11 AM Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 9:08 AM Ayushman Mishra <ayushvidushi01 at> wrote:
>> 1. Hello everyone, I went through open ticket "Code Formatting and
>> Style Check for RTEMS score"  ( as
>> a possible GSOC project and discussion thread on it
>> .
>> But most of the threads on this project are almost a year old , I
>> wanted to know has there been any recent development on this project
>> and is there any specific tool developed/under-development for it. I
>> would be grateful to connect with mentor of this project in-order to
>> know more about the complexity involved and resources available for
>> it.
> As Sebastian said, it hasn't had any recent work but still needs attention.
> I think we have a first candidate style description and tool but it has not
> been checked against the code to see what differences exist between the
> RTEMS style and the generated style. These differences could be because
> the formatting specification to the tool needs tweaking, the input RTEMS code
> didn't follow the rules before, or we could need to consider changing our style
> rules.
> The score/src directory is thought to be the one of the ones which would
> follow the RTEMS style most consistently. Focusing there should help
> establish a baseline style, scripts, and change recommendations.
> Style adherence also has to be accounted for as part of the patch review
> and git commit process. Hopefully it can be automated.
> Taking a broad view of this could be a good GSoC project. At least I
> think there is enough programming in it to count as one.
Yes, this can be a GSoC project.

>> 2. Also I checked the issue #3958
>> , fixed some of the broken links of FAQ page but few of the answers I
>> got were from sites other than user guide. I would like to create a
>> separate FAQ page in user-guide having some of answers available there
>> only and some available as links.
> As a general rule, a lot of what is in the Wiki should be in regular documentation
> at A lot has been converted, some in the wiki is already in the
> documentation but has not been checked for consistency in the conversion.
> This is not a GSoC task by the program rules but if you have spotted something
> that is in both, we would like to resolve it. File a ticket saying wiki page X and
> documentation section Y are the same and that you double checked it. Then
> someone with permissions can delete the page. This really is appreciated. I
> have done a LOT of pages but there are more to go.
> For example, I think almost all of the patch process and git instructions have
> been added to the docs but are still in the Wiki. There may be a section that
> remains to be converted but it needs review, missing content added to the docs,
> and then deletion. Deletion involves updating links. Tedious but important.

And if you want to create a FAQ in the User Guide, that would be fine,
you can learn how to build the docs and submit patches. As Joel said,
that kind of work is not allowed under GSoC but it is good for your
knowledge and technical development.

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