[PATCH v3] covoar: Handle periods in symbols from objdump

Alex White alex.white at oarcorp.com
Tue Mar 16 21:16:18 UTC 2021

Assuming I'm sending a v4 of this patch out, should I add the explanation of the compiler-generated suffixes to the commit message or perhaps as a comment in the code?


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> > I have lost of the context of why covoar would like to strip the
> > suffixes and use only the base symbol name. Could you please explain
> > why this is being done?
> Sure. The symbol names in the DWARF info never contain these suffixes.
> Covoar strips the suffixes while reading the objdump output so that the
> symbol names match those found in the DWARF info. This ensures that the
> proper coverage map is found when it looks up the symbol.
> Your question prompted me to look back at my code and realize that my
> modification of ExecutableInfo::findCoverageMap() was unnecessary
> because I already modified ObjdumpProcessor::load() to always strip the
> symbol. The additional suffix handling code that I added to
> findCoverageMap() will never be run. If only I had done coverage analysis on
> the covoar tool itself...
> Looks like I'll be sending a v4 of this patch. :)
> Alex
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