Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Mar 18 01:40:51 UTC 2021


I have created a tarball of my PTP efforts so far:

It is a collection of sources I have as a WIP that you link into an application.
This is a development technique I use to avoid building multiple libraries.

The package contains:

- PTP2 sources updated to support kqueue

- Updated RTEMS score sources to support NTP related calls

- Various LibBSD pieces

I cannot remember if the PTP sources have the required LibBSD RTEMS defines. It
would be good to have them.

I have tested the code against a FreeBSD PTP master clock operating in slave mode.

If you set a `TZ` in the environment you will get a suitable local time from
date and friends.


I see us adding ptp2 to LibBSD and the RTEMS changes being merged into score. I
have no interest in supporting PTP on the lgacy stack.

I welcome anyone forwarding this effort and getting it into RTEMS 6.


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