GSOC project: #4334 Replace Mongoose with Civetweb

Christian Mauderer oss at
Sun Mar 21 09:45:35 UTC 2021

Hello Ayushman,

On 21/03/2021 04:15, Ayushman Mishra wrote:
> Ayushman
> Hello everyone , I am very much interested in taking
> as a GSOC 2021 project. I know some basic networking concepts and would like to
> learn more about it and how its applied to OS like RTEMS , regarding
> this I have some questions.

Note that the ticket will be more about integrating civetweb into a 
RTEMS Source Builder (RSB) recipe and finding a way to make it 
configurable there. Alternative could be some kind of stand alone repo 
like for littlevgl.

civetweb builds on RTEMS nearly out of the box. So don't expect too much 

I'm not yet sure how much work will be on that ticket. If it is too few 
for a whole GSoC, you might want to think about reviving the discussion 
about some useful civetweb parameters (for an embedded system) here:

> 1. After building a simple hello world application how and where should i write
> configurations of
> OR
> to start using networking stack in RTEMS .

The documentation is currently mostly for the legacy stack. Please 
ignore most of that. You should focus on a BSP that uses libbsd. The 
legacy stack and it's documentation will be removed from the main repos 

> Also I think a simple shell has to be spawned to use networking modules in RTEMS
> and for getting it this
> I think could be a simple method and for doing so ( like executing
> rtems_shell_init with parameters )
> do i have to run the specific test in testsuite or re-run the application

There is a "mghttpd01" test in rtems-libbsd which is used for the 
current fixed version of mongoose that is integrated in RTEMS. I would 
suggest to use that as a starting point.

> 2. Is there any specific device or bsp needed for running networking
> or shell configurations
> with file-system in RTEMS

Basically you can use every BSP that has network support. A good 
simulation BSP where you don't need any hardware is xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu:

Best Regards


> I would be very thankful if someone can please clarify my doubts and
> guide me further
> with this project as I am getting lost and don't know how to proceed
> after building a simple application.
> Thank-you
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