GSOC project: #4334 Replace Mongoose with Civetweb

Ayushman Mishra ayushvidushi01 at
Sun Mar 21 03:15:21 UTC 2021

Hello everyone , I am very much interested in taking
as a GSOC 2021 project. I know some basic networking concepts and would like to
learn more about it and how its applied to OS like RTEMS , regarding
this I have some questions.

1. After building a simple hello world application how and where should i write
configurations of
to start using networking stack in RTEMS .
Also I think a simple shell has to be spawned to use networking modules in RTEMS
and for getting it this
I think could be a simple method and for doing so ( like executing
rtems_shell_init with parameters )
do i have to run the specific test in testsuite or re-run the application

2. Is there any specific device or bsp needed for running networking
or shell configurations
with file-system in RTEMS
I would be very thankful if someone can please clarify my doubts and
guide me further
with this project as I am getting lost and don't know how to proceed
after building a simple application.

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