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Alex White alex.white at
Wed Mar 24 13:49:58 UTC 2021


Here is the status of the rtems-tools patches I have sent out over the past few weeks (an X means the latest patch revision has been reviewed):

[ ] tester: Limit branch coverage percentage precision
[ ] coverage: Fix option processing on FreeBSD
[ ] coverage/symbol-sets.ini : Add libtrace
[ ] covoar/Reports: Fix empty branch report
[ ] covoar: Fix overflow of high PC address
[ ] covoar: Catch exceptional case
[ ] covoar: Add option to create named objdumps
[X] covoar: Fix null pointer dereference
[X] coverage: Give coverage bars red background
[X] coverage/reports: Share common JS and CSS in reports
[X] coverage/reports: Improve formatting and clarity
[X] covoar/reports: Add new statistics to summary
[ ] covoar: Handle periods in symbols from objdump
[ ] covoar: Account for build path change
[ ] covoar: Fix DWARF reading
[ ] covoar/TargetBase: Fix QEMU branch info
[ ] covoar/CoverageReaderQEMU: Fix infinite loop
[ ] covoar/Target_arm: Add THUMB branch instructions
[ ] covoar/Target_i386: Add NOP patterns
[ ] covoar: Fix NOP execution marking
[X] tester: Add coverage variants for a few BSPs
[X] tester: Remove target from BSP coverage configs
[X] tester: Update to support new build system
[ ] covoar: Add aarch64 target
[X] covoar/TargetBase: Rename branchInstructions to conditionalBranchInstructions
[X] rld-process: Add named tempfile constructor
[X] rld-dwarf: Fix file::get_source
[X] rld-dwarf: Add function::has_entry_pc

I sent these patches as a firehose, so I am not surprised that some didn't get a response. :)

My plan is to resend the patches that have not been reviewed and meter them out so I don't overwhelm the list. Hopefully that will allow us to better work through this list. Is that ok?


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