Making Covoar More C++

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Mar 24 19:35:20 UTC 2021


There has been a lot of talk about making covoar use more C++
features. It seems to be an issue on every patch. I almost
replied to Gedare's comment at the bottom of a patch
but decided it needed another thread:

"I still struggle reviewing this codebase, in part because it is C+C++
(TM) and in part because I'm not so proficient in C++ to make concrete
recommendations how to write this better. I think, if the goal is
eventually to make this more C++ like code, then new code coming in
should aim to move the needle in that direction rather than continue
to propagate the old ways of doing."

I personally do NOT want to see changes to C++ in one leaf class and
the other architectures not get the same changes. I would prefer to see
all these corrections and base changes in the same style with limited
changes to C-isms. I'm not opposed to the changes but let's take the
Target class one. There are multiple target classes. Changing one
independent of the others isn't a good idea.

I'd like to see us get a working baseline in and then do something like
sweep std::string through Target* as a single patch. This is easier to
test and review since it would only be C string to std::string. Perhaps
switch to C++ output a file at a time. Redo the report output. Etc.
Discrete chunks instead of piecemeal.

Covoar has spent years broken and some is from changing working
things to do things "a better way" with no baseline to check against.
We need to get a baseline.

Please. Let's get a working baseline and then approach this more
methodically. No one is going to suffer from seeing a C string a little
while longer. :)


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