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On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 1:26 PM zack_on_the_speed_chanel
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> Hello all,
> I'm updating on what' i've found out with the issue (forgot to reply all) . Joel recommended me check the coverage for the leon BSP( to check if it's supported)  and i found that the branch with CLOCK_MONOTONIC was not reached I think now that it's supported (because the annotated assembly is in the sparc instruction set). I also found out that the test would be similar to Psxclock02 and it runs the same tests on a different clock. Then I tried to build the psxclock02 test , change the create_clock to have the clock_monotonic argument and i didn't see the executable or any change in the ./waf build. Then I was suggested that you have to enable all tests some how? How do i enable all tests?

Do you use something like: ./waf bsp_defaults ---rtems-bsp=leon3 > config.ini

Then, take a look, BUILD_TESTS and BUILD_PSXTESTS are two options that
if either is True it should build psxclock02.

When you write code, you should first make sure you can build the code
as it exists if it is supposed to work, and run it to see that it
works. Then you should make changes from a working baseline. Otherwise
when you get a problem, how do you know if the problem is your
problem, or it already existed?

> Thanks
> Zack
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