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zack_on_the_speed_chanel zack_on_the_speed_chanel at protonmail.ch
Sun Mar 28 19:26:06 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I'm updating on what' i've found out with the issue (forgot to reply all) . Joel recommended me check the coverage for the leon BSP( to check if it's supported) and i found that the branch with CLOCK_MONOTONIC was not reached I think now that it's supported (because the annotated assembly is in the sparc instruction set). I also found out that the test would be similar to Psxclock02 and it runs the same tests on a different clock. Then I tried to build the psxclock02 test , change the create_clock to have the clock_monotonic argument and i didn't see the executable or any change in the ./waf build. Then I was suggested that you have to enable all tests some how? How do i enable all tests?

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