Spidev different ioctl structure

Andre.Nahrwold at dlr.de Andre.Nahrwold at dlr.de
Wed May 12 06:36:54 UTC 2021


I discovered that the Spidev include (linux/spi/spidev.h) contains different implementations of the ioctl structure when comparing rtems and linux.
I used the mode value of the structure and wanted to compile the application for rtems and linux, that is where I got some errors.
A few further value names differ also: cs, word_delay_usecs, pad.

Does anybody now why there is this difference?
Or is it not necessary to use the mode value for the ioctl commands?

On rtems it looks like this:

struct spi_ioc_transfer {
  void *rx_buf;
  const void *tx_buf;

  size_t len;
  uint32_t speed_hz;

  uint16_t delay_usecs;
  uint8_t bits_per_word;
  uint8_t cs_change;
  uint8_t rx_nbits;
  uint8_t tx_nbits;

  uint32_t mode;
  uint8_t cs;

On linux it looks like this:

struct spi_ioc_transfer {
        __u64           tx_buf;
        __u64           rx_buf;

        __u32           len;
        __u32           speed_hz;

        __u16           delay_usecs;
        __u8            bits_per_word;
        __u8            cs_change;
        __u8            tx_nbits;
        __u8            rx_nbits;

        __u8            word_delay_usecs;
        __u8            pad;

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