GCC version for RTEMS 6?

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri May 6 06:35:11 UTC 2022

On 6/5/2022 4:28 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 06/05/2022 08:23, Chris Johns wrote:
>>> The minimum test is an issue on all BSPs since the RTEMS tester has no way to
>>> figure out what to do since the test has no output. One option would be to use
>>> ELF files for the tester input with ELF notes for the test state, etc.
>> This is a fantastic is idea. We can also embed more information as we need
>> relating to load considerations, time outs and more.
> This would need a bit of redesign in the tester. If you use ELF files for input,
> then the tester needs also a handler to convert the ELF file into something
> which can be loaded to the target. For example, currently I convert ELF files to
> U-Boot images and give the images to the tester, the tester provides them via
> TFTP. This would have to be changed so that the tester gets the ELF files, then
> converts them to format X, then loads them to the target.

The conversion is handled by the `target_pretest_command` hook and I think that
is still how this should be handled. For example my tester config for the
ultrasscale tests is:

# TRENZ ZynqMP with U-Boot on an SD card.
tftp_port              = 9107
bsp_tty_dev            =
target_pretest_command = rtems-zynqmp-lp64-mkimg @EXE@
target_exe_filter      = /\.exe/.exe.img/
target_on_command      = cs-pw-ctl 4 toggle-on 2 4
target_off_command     = cs-pw-ctl 4 off 2
target_reset_command   = cs-pw-ctl 4 toggle-on 2 3

What about a tool in C++ that prints the notes as JSON (or whatever) and the
tester can execute that command? I think bringing ELF into python tools may only
expose us to more platform variations in packages etc and it is complicated
enough at the moment.

An ELF to JSON tool is pretty easy to make. If we have notes to report in an ELF
I can make that tool.


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