[PATCH] ISL, MPC, MPFR: fix configuration issues on ARM64/Darwin host

Karel Gardas karel at functional.vision
Tue May 17 13:24:58 UTC 2022

On 5/17/22 15:19, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>     Oh, I see there is a big misunderstanding here. When I submitted the
>     patch with patches, Joel reacted and explained what to do. Perhaps I've
>     interpreted the info badly, but my general impression was: do all this
>     and then we will allow it for limited time -- we just need to have that
>     tracked well.
>     Recap: it really looks like it is needed only for RTEMS 6 and only for
>     M1/Apple/Darwin and patches should not break anything at all,
>     completely
>     harmless for all other users...
> I was ok with the patches and basic RSB changes. It was the location of 
> the patches on the internet that was the issue. Change the URIs to get 
> the patches from devel.rtems.org <http://devel.rtems.org> and all should 
> be ok
> The ticket can be closed when none of them need the patch. Perhaps a 
> comment above where each patch is added to point back to the PR would 
> help humans spot that.

Ah, cool! Will do that ASAP.


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