libbsd development policy clarification needed?

Karel Gardas karel at
Thu Feb 2 11:43:33 UTC 2023


recently I needed to work with RTEMS/NFS. As this is provided by libbsd 
I took this and following two sentences below from master branch 
description provided in README I took as granted that master does have 
all the features which are currently available and provided by the project:

"This branch must be used for libbsd development. Back ports to the 
6-freebsd-12 are allowed."

I was surprised to be proven wrong then by Fabrizio here:

and by later investigation which shows that 6-freebsd-12 branch 
accumulated NFS work by Chris done in 2021 which is not presented on 
master. I've investigated just NFS as this was my focus here.

So if 6-freebsd-12 became development branch of some sort, then it would 
be great to have that clarified in the project README file to prevent 
users confusion? Or if the policy is still the same, then perhaps some 
branch sync is needed here?

I'm fine with either way, as a user I just need clear not confusing 
project message...


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