warnings report on builder wrong?

Karel Gardas karel at functional.vision
Sun Feb 12 21:37:11 UTC 2023


looking into the last bsp-builder report here: 

and I'm surprised by the fact that beaglebonewhile shows 0 warnings 
while I remember well to fix 3 warnings this weekend.

I even rerun build just a minute ago and they are still here in full glory:

In file included from ../../../bsps/arm/beagle/start/bspstart.c:41:
../../../bsps/arm/beagle/start/bspstart.c: In function 
../../../bsps/arm/beagle/start/bspstart.c:124:26: warning: array 
subscript has type 'char' [-Wchar-subscripts]
   124 |         if (!isdigit(prop[i]))
       |                      ~~~~^~~

In file included from ../../../bsps/arm/beagle/pwmss/pwmss.c:38:
../../../bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp.h: In function 
../../../bsps/arm/beagle/include/bsp.h:66:16: warning: 'clkctrl' may be 
used uninitialized [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
    66 | #define REG(x)(*((volatile uint32_t *)(x)))
       |                ^
../../../bsps/arm/beagle/pwmss/pwmss.c:59:14: note: 'clkctrl' was 
declared here
    59 |     uint32_t clkctrl;
       |              ^~~~~~~

So, why is that builder does not report those? This is default 
beaglebonewhite configuration so it should be pretty close to what 
builder builds. Also the toolchain is 6/rtems-arm build last week...


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