warnings report on builder wrong?

Karel Gardas karel at functional.vision
Mon Feb 13 23:42:06 UTC 2023

On 2/14/23 00:33, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> With fresh tools on CentOS 7, I have 5 warnings in beaglebonewhite. Log 
> attached.
> Sorry it took so long. I ran out of disk space, then got distracted.
> I have no idea why the rtems-bsp-builder isn't tripping these unless it 
> isn't actually hitting the default build settings. But these warnings 
> looked pretty generic at first glance.

Don't worry about delay, I was just reporting those as you IIRC asked 
for warnings fixes and I just saw evidence that builder is not showing 
actual state.

Is it possible that software building the table for the report is a bit 
buggy and ignores warnings or it assign those into wrong category? If 
you would have build logs from those then such judgment is easy to do...


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