Build failures on CentOS 8

Jeff Mayes Jeff.Mayes at
Wed Feb 15 21:43:00 UTC 2023

Hi all,
We're getting an odd build failure on CentOS 8. (I know it's EOL.)  Below is a snip of the output.  Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Using rtems for RTEMS source
Testing: sparc erc32-sis
BSP to Build: erc32
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./waf", line 167, in <module>
    from waflib import Scripting
  File "/home/tester/rtems-cron-6/rtems/.waf-2.0.20-36f5354d605298f6a89c09e0c7ef6c1d/waflib/", line 7, in <module>
    from waflib import Utils,Configure,Logs,Options,ConfigSet,Context,Errors,Build,Node
  File "/home/tester/rtems-cron-6/rtems/.waf-2.0.20-36f5354d605298f6a89c09e0c7ef6c1d/waflib/", line 6, in <module>
    from waflib import ConfigSet,Utils,Options,Logs,Context,Build,Errors
  File "/home/tester/rtems-cron-6/rtems/.waf-2.0.20-36f5354d605298f6a89c09e0c7ef6c1d/waflib/", line 6, in <module>
    from waflib import Logs,Utils,Context,Errors
  File "/home/tester/rtems-cron-6/rtems/.waf-2.0.20-36f5354d605298f6a89c09e0c7ef6c1d/waflib/", line 183
    raise Errors.WafError('Execution failure: %s'%str(e),ex=e),None,sys.exc_info()[2],None,sys.exc_info()[2]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
FAILED:  Unable to waf distclean rtems
+ LOG 1 'waf build of sparc erc32-sis (NOSMP/NODEBUG)'
+ status=1
+ '[' 1 -eq 0 ']'
+ S='FAILED (1)'
+ shift
+ echo 'FAILED (1) ' waf build of sparc erc32-sis '(NOSMP/NODEBUG)'
+ /home/tester/rtems-cron-helpers/build_bsp -w -V 6 -T /home/tester/rtems-cron-6 -T /home/tester/rtems-cron-6 -v -r -m -t -D sparc erc32-sis
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