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Thu Feb 23 05:15:59 UTC 2023

On Wed, Feb 22, 2023, 9:26 PM Prakhar Agrawal <prakhar.agrawal001 at>

> Hello,
> Does the current RTEMS version support the Jetson nano board, if not, do
> you think It will be a good project for gsoc2023? something like porting
> RTEMS to Jetson nano or jetson AGX orin maybe?

I'm torn whether this is a good project or not. It is quite ambitious but
it appears that a fair amount of the boards horsepower is tied to binary
blobs which likely won't work with RTEMS.

One challenge is that much of the support will be GPL licensed which is
unacceptable for RTEMS.

That said, it may be feasible since freebsd appears to support it now. I
have no idea what devices work under freebsd. But if you can boot freebsd
on it and see what works, that would be great information.

The other side of this is how useful this will be either for RTEMS users.
What would a hobbyist use it for? A production team?

Is the board too old to be worth the effort for the limited audience?

Honestly I'd rather see a new BSP for a decent RISC-V board.

> Looking forward to your response.

I'm also curious to hear what others think.


> Best Regards
> Prakhar
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